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Sigma Xi Center

A view from the second floor, above the Hall of Honor, looking out
on the entry plaza.

The entrance to the Sigma Xi Center.

One-third of the Sigma Xi Center is dedicated to conferencing and
meeting facilities.

Sigma Xi membership has been an early milestone in many
distinguished research careers. The Hall of Honor in the
Sigma Xi Center features polished granite panels listing
more than 200 members who have received the Nobel Prize.

The Hall of Honor commemorating Sigma Xi Nobel laureates
overlooks the entry plaza, where chapters and individuals
are honored for supporting the Sigma Xi Center.

Another view of the Hall of Honor.

Reminiscent of a double helix, a light sculpture illuminates
the spiral staircase that is a signature feature of the Sigma Xi Center lobby.

Another view of the Sigma Xi Center lobby.

Of modern glass and steel construction, the Sigma Xi Center
has won a number of design awards.

A view of the entry plaza at night from the second floor above the
Hall of Honor.

A spiral staircase is a dramatic feature of the lobby.

Photography by Jay Mangum


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