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February 22, 2011

First Sigma Xi European Regional Meeting and Research Conference

The Canadian/International Constituency Group and The Nordic Chapter of Sigma Xi have invited all Sigma Xi members to the First Annual Sigma Xi European Regional Meeting and Research Conference, scheduled for Tuesday May 24, 2011, at Aalto University in Espoo (Helsinki), Finland. This Conference will follow the Second Annual Meeting and Research Conference of the Nordic Chapter, which will take place on Monday May 23, 2011, at the same venue. All participants in the European Conference have also been cordially invited to participate in the Nordic Chapter Conference.
The format that has been chosen for this First Sigma Xi European Conference is totally open and based on presentations of Sigma Xi members who want to share their research efforts and conduct discussions on the topics that they will be presenting. Sigma Xi President Joseph Whitaker has been invited to be the  Keynote Speaker for the Conference.

Sigma Xi’s Canadian/International Constituency Director Antonio Pita and Paul Kettler, Founder of the Nordic Chapter and Associate Director of the Constituency, have extended the invitation to participate in both Meetings and Research Conferences. They have requested that members let them know if they can come and if they would like to present some recent research ideas to share  with like-minded Sigma Xi members.     

From the Regional Business perspective, Sigma Xi President Joseph Whittaker and Antonio Pita, along with Paul Kettler, will also be present to greet guests and conduct informal panel discussions on the important issues facing the Society and the European Region in the years to come. 

This European meeting is important in several contexts, one of which is that it will serve as a prototype for bringing the life of the Society closer to home for all members. It also will further this type of meeting across the various regions of the Society, in conformity with the Society’s stated goal of being “The” International Honorary Scientific Research Society.  Thus, participation in this European event will set the standard for years to come.

Regarding the registration fee and lodging for the Meeting, expenses are expected to be modest and will address planned refreshments, a Conference dinner for those who wish to attend (a nice cozy local restaurant, but definitely not one of the ‘four star’ variety,) and of course, transportation and lodging. These expenses will be detailed with the formal Announcement and Program for this European Meeting that will follow, as soon as the Conference coordinators receive responses to this invitation.

Members have been requested to respond no later than March 15, 2011, to either:  

Antonio Pita   or   Paul Kettler  
at the following email addresses:

regarding their interest in attending the First European Regional Meeting and Research Conference and also to share their views on the issues raised in the Sigma Xi Canadian/International Constituency Group News e-Blast that was sent on February 22, 2011.

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