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Amended on November 13, 2011.



ARTICLE I. Name, Object and Activities of the Society

4. The name of this Society is SIGMA XI, THE SCIENTIFIC
5. RESEARCH SOCIETY. The Society is an honor society, and its
6. motto is: "Companions in Zealous Research," from the Greek
7. words, Σπουδων Ξυνωνες (Spoudon Xynones). The object of this
8. society is to encourage original investigation in science, pure and
9. applied.
10. The fields of activity of the Society are the pure and applied natural
11. sciences. In general, these include the physical sciences, the life and
12. agricultural sciences, the earth sciences, the medical sciences,
13. mathematics and engineering. The activities of the Society shall be
14. those appropriate to the object of the Society and particularly those
15. set forth in the Bylaws.
16. No part of the net earnings of the Society shall inure to the benefit of
17. any individual including, without limitation, the directors, officers,
18. or members of the Society, except as reasonable compensation for
19. services actually rendered to the Society in effecting one or more of
20. its purposes. No significant part of the activities of the Society shall
21. consist of carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to
22. influence legislation. The Society shall not participate in, or
23. intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements),
24. any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.
25. Upon dissolution or termination of the existence of the Society, all of
26. its property and assets shall, after payment of the lawful debts of the
27. Society and the expenses of its dissolution or termination, be
28. delivered, conveyed, and paid over to such organization or
29. organizations at the time exempt under the provisions of Section 501
30. (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as now or hereafter amended, as
31. the Board of Directors shall determine.
32. ARTICLE II. Membership in the Society
33. Section 1. Active and Inactive Membership. The Society consists
34. of active and inactive members. Active members may be affiliated
35. with a chapter. If not so affiliated, active members shall be enrolled
36. in the Membership-at-Large. Any inactive member may become an
37. active member at any time by payment of current dues.
38. Section 2. Members and Associate Members. The membership of
39. the Society is divided into Members and Associate Members, each
40. of whom shall have taken the Pledge of the Society. Such
41. membership shall be attested by a suitable certificate. Members and
42. Associate Members are elected or promoted to membership by a
43. chapter or by a committee designated by the Board of Directors.
44. Associate Members have all of the privileges of Members, except for
45. such restrictions as are specifically stated in this Constitution or in
46. the Bylaws of the Society, or in the bylaws of the chapter with which
47. the member is affiliated.
48. Section 3. Requirements for Election or Promotion to
49. Membership . A. Member. Any individual who has shown
50. noteworthy achievement as an original investigator in a field of pure
51. or applied science is eligible for election or promotion to full
52. membership in the Society.
53. B. Associate Member. Any individual who has through initial
54. research achievement in a field of pure or applied science shown
55. aptitude for research which is expected in due course to lead to the
56. fulfillment of the requirements for full membership, is eligible for
57. election to associate membership in the Society.
58. C. Procedures for Nomination, Election, Promotion and
59. Transfer . Procedures to be followed for the nomination and
60. election to membership or associate membership, for promotion
61. from Associate Member to Member, for transfer between active and
62. inactive status, for Life Membership and for transfer to emeritus
63. status are set forth in the Bylaws.
64. Section 4. Honorary Members. Notwithstanding any other
65. provisions of this Constitution, the Board of Directors, by a two-
66. thirds majority vote, shall have the power to elect Honorary
67. Members of the Society. Those nominated for such membership
68. shall be distinguished individuals, not otherwise eligible for
69. membership, who have served science, or the Society, in a manner or
70. to a degree that merits such recognition. Not more than two
71. Honorary Members may be elected in any one year. They shall hold
72. membership for life without payment of dues or fees; and shall have
73. all the privileges of other active Members, except that they shall not
74. vote nor hold office in the Society.
75. ARTICLE III. Organization of the Society
76. Section 1. Chapters. (i) The units of the Society are chapters. The
77. chapters participate in the governance of the Society in the manner
78. and to the extent set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws, which in
79. turn govern the acts, duties, responsibilities and privileges of the
80. chapters. Chapters may adopt such bylaws as are appropriate for
81. their governance, provided such bylaws do not conflict with the
82. Constitution and Bylaws of the Society. Procedures governing the
83. establishment and conduct of chapters and for the affiliation of
84. active members therewith are set forth in the Bylaws.
85. (ii) The membership-at-large participates in the governance of the
86. Society in the manner and to the extent set forth in the Constitution
87. and Bylaws.
88. Section 2. The Assembly of Delegates. A. Governance. The
89. governance of the Society rests in an Assembly of Delegates at
90. which the chapters and the membership-at-large are entitled to
91. representation as hereinafter provided.
92. B. Convening an Assembly of Delegates. An Assembly of
93. Delegates shall be convened annually in conjunction with the
94. Society's Annual Meeting which shall be held at such time and place
95. as may be determined by the Board of Directors. Notice of each
96. Annual Meeting and the Assembly of Delegates shall be given to
97. each chapter by letter, and also by announcement in the official
98. journal of the Society at least 60 days prior to convening of the
99. Assembly of Delegates.
100. C. Selection of Delegates. (i) By Chapters. Each chapter shall be
101. entitled to be represented by not more than three delegates at the
102. Assembly of Delegates. Such delegates shall be selected from
103. among the Members of the chapter and certified by the president or
104. the secretary of said chapter except that a chapter unable to appoint
105. any or all of the delegates to which it is entitled from among its own
106. Members may appoint Members of other chapters.
107. (ii) For the Membership-at-Large. The membership-at-large is
108. entitled to be represented at the Assembly of Delegates. The manner
109. of this representation shall be set forth in the Bylaws.
110. D. Limitation of Delegates. No delegate may represent more than
111. one chapter at an Assembly of Delegates, nor shall a delegate
112. representing the membership-at-large also represent a chapter. No
113. individual may simultaneously serve as a voting delegate and as either
114. an Officer or member of the Board of Directors.
115. E. Board Members. Each Officer and member of the Board of Directors in
116. attendance at the Annual Meeting, but not designated as an
117. accredited delegate of a chapter or the membership-at-large shall be
118. accredited as a delegate, without vote, and as such shall have the
119. privileges of the floor in the Assembly of Delegates or in a caucus or in
120. any electronic forum where Society issues are discussed.
121. F. Quorum and Voting. At any session of a duly called Assembly
122. of Delegates the accredited delegates present shall constitute a
123. quorum for the transaction of business. All accredited delegates
124. shall have the privileges of the floor to discuss any matter before the
125. Assembly. Proponents and opponents shall be allotted equal time
126. subject only to the limitations of debate deemed necessary by the
127. presiding officer. When voting, each chapter represented by one to
128. three accredited delegates is entitled to cast one vote while each of
129. the delegates representing the membership-at-large is entitled to cast
130. one vote on each issue before the Assembly of Delegates, hereinafter
131. in this Constitution and in the Bylaws referred to as a "vote of the
132. Assembly of Delegates."
133. Section 3. Officers of the Society. A. Officers. The officers of
134. the Society shall be a President, a President-elect, an Immediate Past
135. President, a Treasurer and an Executive Director.
136. B. Electing Officers. Officers, other than the Executive Director,
137. duly nominated, shall be elected following procedures set forth in the
138. Bylaws. Terms of office shall commence on 1 July of the year next
139. following election, and shall continue for a period of one year for the
140. President, President-elect and Immediate Past President, and for a
141. period of four years for the Treasurer, or until their successors have
142. been elected and qualified.
143. C. Succession. Upon the expiration of the term of the President, the
144. President-elect shall become the President, the President shall
145. become the Immediate Past President and the Immediate Past
146. President shall become the most recently retired President.
147. D. Vacancies. Vacancies in the Office of President, President-elect,
148. Immediate Past President or Treasurer shall be filled in a manner
149. prescribed in the Bylaws.
150. Section 4. Board of Directors. A. Membership. The Society
151. shall have a Board of Directors as set forth in the Bylaws.
152. B. Electing Directors. Directors shall be elected following
153. procedures set forth in the Bylaws. Terms of office of Directors shall
154. commence on 1 July of the year next following election and shall
155. continue for a period of three years, or until their successors have
156. been elected and qualified.
157. C. Duties of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall
158. manage the activities, property and affairs of the Society, subject to
159. the direction of, and in accordance with, policies established by the
160. Assembly of Delegates. Without limiting the generality of the
161. foregoing, it shall be the particular duty of the Board of Directors to:
162. consider and act on granting and revoking charters for chapters and
163. determine questions of eligibility for membership in the Society
164. where there is doubt regarding eligibility.
165. Section 5. Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. A.
166. Membership . The Board of Directors shall have an Executive
167. Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws.
168. B. Duties. Duties of the Executive Committee of the Board of
169. Directors are set forth in the Bylaws.
170. Section 6. Committees of the Society. The Society shall have a
171. Committee on Finances, a Committee on Audit Review, and a
172. Committee on Nominations, and such other committees as are
173. established by the Board of Directors. Procedures governing the
174. establishment and activities of committees are set forth in the
175. Bylaws.
176. Section 7. Meetings of the Board of Directors, its Executive
177. Committee, and Committees . Meetings of the Board of Directors
178. shall be held not less than twice annually, while the Executive
179. Committee and other committees shall meet as required. Meetings
180. of the Board of Directors and of its Executive Committee shall
181. normally be called by the President, but may be called by any other
182. officer. Meetings of a committee shall be called by the Chair, after
183. consultation with the Executive Director, but may be called by any
184. officer after consultation with the Committee Chair. Notice of a
185. meeting shall be given as provided for in the Bylaws, and the Society
186. shall reimburse directors, committee members and officers for all
187. reasonable expenses actually incurred in attending such meetings.
188. Section 8. Restriction on Membership. Only active, full Members
189. are eligible for office.
190. Section 9. The Executive Director. The Board of Directors, upon
191. the recommendation of its Executive Committee, shall appoint the
192. Executive Director to serve without term. Such appointment may be
193. terminated at any time by either party, provided that such termination
194. shall in no way impair such contract obligations, if any, as are in
195. effect between the two parties. Duties and responsibilities of the
196. Executive Director are set forth in the Bylaws.
197. Section 10. The Corporation. The management of the property,
198. affairs and the business of the Society is vested in a corporation
200. INCORPORATED, hereinafter and in the Bylaws referred to as the
201. Corporation. The Board of Directors of said Corporation shall be
202. identical with that of the voluntary association known as Sigma Xi,
203. The Scientific Research Society, herein and in the Bylaws referred to
204. as the Society.
205. ARTICLE IV. Dues and Expenses of the Society
206. Section 1. Dues and Fees. Annual dues and any associated fees
207. shall be set as described in the bylaws. Chapters may set additional
208. local dues and collect them directly or through the Treasurer of the
209. Society. Further provisions with regard to dues and fees are set forth
210. in the Bylaws.
211. Section 2. Authority for Payment. The Executive Director and the
212. Treasurer are authorized to sign vouchers on behalf of the Society in
213. payment of proper expenses of the Society.
214. Section 3. The Society's Year. The Society's Year shall commence
215. on 1 July of each year and terminate on 30 June of the succeeding
216. year.
217. ARTICLE V. Motto, Seal and Insignia of the Society
218. The Motto of the Society is set forth in Article I of this Constitution.
219. The Monogram of the Society shall be the Greek letter S (Sigma)
220. superimposed on the Greek letter X (Xi). The Seal of the Society
221. shall incorporate the monogram and the motto, and is described in
222. the Bylaws. The insignia of the Society are described in the Bylaws.
223. ARTICLE VI. Amendment of the Constitution
224. This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of
225. the Assembly of Delegates, provided that the amendment has first
226. been considered by the Board of Directors and is presented, together
227. with its recommendation for approval or disapproval, to the chapters
228. not less than 60 days prior to the convening of the Assembly of
229. Delegates at which it is to be considered. The publication of the
230. proposed amendment in the official journal of the Society shall
231. constitute full notice as required by this Article. An exception to this
232. procedure may be made in the case of a minor modification proposed
233. from the floor of the Assembly of Delegates and adopted by a two-
234. thirds vote of said Assembly, provided that the modification does not
235. alter the intent of the amendment offered in the normal manner
236. herein prescribed.
237. ARTICLE VII. Bylaws
238. Bylaws as necessary for the proper governance of the Society may be
239. enacted or modified by the vote of two-thirds of the members of the
240. Board of Directors entitled to vote, to become operative not less than
241. 90 days after adoption provided that such Bylaws do not in any way
242. modify or conflict with this Constitution and that each chapter shall
243. have been advised of the amendment to the Bylaws within 30 days
244. after its adoption, and further provided that, if more than one chapter
245. shall object in writing to the Executive Director within 90 days after
246. its adoption, said amendment shall be held in abeyance until the next
247. Assembly of Delegates, at which time a majority vote of the
248. Assembly of Delegates shall be required for its adoption and for it to
249. become immediately operational. Bylaws, or amendments to
250. existing Bylaws, that are required as a consequence of changes in the
251. Constitution may be enacted by a majority vote of the Assembly of
252. Delegates at the time that the change in the Constitution is approved
253. by the Assembly. The proposed changes in the Bylaws shall have
254. received prior consideration by the Board of Directors and shall be
255. presented to the chapters with the relevant proposed amendment to
256. the Constitution, in the manner prescribed in Article VI.


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