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Affiliate Circle FAQs

  1. Q. How much are annual Affiliate dues?
    A. Annual dues vary depending on category of Affiliate—Professional, Friend or Student. Please see the Categories and Dues Rates section of the Affiliate Web site for the rates of each category.

  2. Q. Where can I find my Sigma Xi Affiliate ID number?
    A. This number is on your Affiliate card and will appear on each renewal statement you receive. For Friend and Professional Affiliates, this number will also appear on your American Scientist mailing label.

  3. Q. Can I get online access to American Scientist magazine when I sign up to become an Affiliate?
    A. Yes, as soon as your application has been processed and an Affiliate ID# assigned, you will have access to American Scientist Online. A "welcome" e-mail will be sent once the application has been processed providing your new Affiliate ID#. (Remember to log in with your Affiliate ID number and last name.)

  4. Q. When will my American Scientist magazine start arriving in the mail?
    A. Friend and Professional Affiliates will receive their first copy of our bimonthly magazine American Scientist within 8 weeks (Student Affiliates do not get this benefit). All Affiliates may visit www.americanscientist.org at any time to see the current issue and our archive back through 1998. (Remember to log in with your Affiliate ID number and last name.)

  5. Q. Why do I have to log in to view American Scientist Online?
    A. Affiliates of Sigma Xi who log in can access all articles in the current issue as well as the archives (back through 1998). Plus, Sigma Xi Affiliates are entitled to an additional 5% discount at the Scientists' Bookstore (a benefit provided in conjunction with Barnes&Noble.com) when they are logged in to the site and click through to the Scientists' Bookstore.

  6. Q. How can I get involved with a Sigma Xi chapter?
    A. Sigma Xi chapters are self-governing structures whose primary mission is to serve our nominated Members. Each chapter independently decides whether to engage Affiliates. When you sign up with Sigma Xi as a new Affiliate, we notify the chapters in your general area. Chapters that welcome involvement by Affiliates will contact you with an invitation. If you do not hear from any chapters, this means that they are not engaging Affiliates at this time.

  7. Q. How can I become a Sigma Xi Member?
    A. Membership in Sigma Xi is by invitation. Those who have shown potential as science or engineering researchers are invited to join as Associate Members. Full Membership is conferred upon those who have demonstrated noteworthy achievements in research. For more information about becoming a Member, including required qualifications, visit http://www.sigmaxi.org/member/join/index.shtml

  8. Q. When must I pay my Affiliate dues again?
    A. The dues for an Affiliate are paid annually. Before your Affiliate year is up (see your card for your expiration date), we will invite you to renew. You may also use this PDF form to renew your dues.

  9. Q. How can I support Sigma Xi beyond my Affiliate dues?
    A. Sigma Xi is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The financial support of Members, Affiliates and others is vitally important to the work of the Society. In the U.S. and Canada, all donations made are tax-deductible. To learn about the different ways to support Sigma Xi, or to make a contribution, visit http://giving.sigmaxi.org/

  10. Q. How can Sigma Xi help me to honor someone who has inspired or guided me in my life or career?
    A. One way of honoring a mentor or loved one or a friend is with an engraved commemorative paving stone in the entrance to the Sigma Xi Center. A tax-deductible donation of $1,000 will secure your paver. You will receive the distinctive Companions pin as a mark of our appreciation for your support. Our Companions wear their own pins with honor, and we hope you will feel the same. Please e-mail us if you are interested in a commemorative paver.

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