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Science Networking

Science Networking
Charleston (SC) Chapter

Objective: To share scientific and engineering news among chapter members and the general public, with a special emphasis on schoolteachers.

Participants: Chapter members, schoolteachers, and the public

Description: The Charleston chapter sponsors a listserv (an electronic email discussion group) open to chapter members and school teachers for the exchange of information about science and engineering. The listserv, hosted by the Sigma Xi administrative offices, serves as a clearinghouse on announcements of upcoming science and engineering lectures, demonstrations and news. \\Listserver\listserverc\InetPub\wwwroot\archives\CHS-SCI-NET.HTML
The Whitman College-Walla Walla College Chapter uses their listserv to announce the book titles for their science book reading club.

Cost implications and source of funds: There is no cost for the listserv.

Time Commitment: The time commitment is very light. The Sigma Xi administrative office handles the technical aspects. The only time commitment for the chapter is to moderate the listserv. If the listserv is not being posted to on a regular basis, the chapter coordinator should post a message to remind subscribers of the availability of the listserv.

Co-sponsors/Partners: The Charleston chapter has members from various colleges, universities, industries and government labs in the Charleston area.

Number of Chapter Members Involved: There are approximately 120 subscribers to the list including chapter members and schoolteachers at K-12 schools.

Outreach/Publicity: A chapter officer has worked with the public school's science coordinator to promote the listserv to science teachers.

Sigma Xi membership implications: There is no particular membership implication with this program.

Checklist for Science/Engineering Listserv:

  • Contact Sigma Xi chapter services staff to arrange for listserv - lrhoades@sigmaxi.org.
  • Notify chapter members about the listserv.
  • Contact area schools inviting teachers to subscribe to the listserv.
  • Prepare an email message to be sent to all subscribers explaining how the listserv is set up and any rules or restrictions.
  • Be prepared to explain the difference between listservs, chat rooms, and distribution lists.

Contact Information: Rob Dillon, dillonr@cofc.edu


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