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2014 Annual Meeting - Assembly of Delegates

November 6-9, 2014
Renaissance Glendale Hotel
Glendale, Arizona, USA

  • Delegate Arrival and Departure
  • Delegate Eligibility & Reporting a Delegate
  • Delegate Duties and Responsibilities
  • Delegate Travel and Hotel
  • Opportunities for Participating
  • Hotel Internet Access and Hotel Business Center
  • Networking and Social Events
  • Policy on Respect
  • Online Voting of Society Leaders

    Through Regional and Constituency Caucuses, Assemblies of Delegates, chapter training, structured networking and informal discussions, the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting offers an opportunity for delegates from Sigma Xi chapters to learn more about the Society. Delegates are able to share ideas for chapter-based activities, to learn best practices of chapter management, and to conduct important Society business impacting both chapters and individual members. The environment is further enriched through dedicated sessions on science and engineering and other activities that foster scientific exchange.

    The Annual Meeting is open to all interested participants. Registration is required, and each of Sigma Xi's chapters may designate up to three delegates to attend the Meeting. Only one of the three, the Designated (Voting) Delegate, will receive travel compensation from the Society to attend the Annual Meeting. Restrictions apply for travel compensation. The other two delegates will be recorded as Additional Delegates. For a chapter to remain in good standing, a Designated (Voting) Delegate must attend one Annual Meeting every three years. The official voting delegate from each chapter is responsible for casting votes during the General Assemblies.

    E-mail: meeting@sigmaxi.org


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