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Member Benefits

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Membership in Sigma Xi is professionally rewarding and offers a chance to participate in ongoing programs and activities at the local and Society levels. Active, dues-paying members also have access to valuable benefits, both personal and professional.

The Society's interdisciplinary outlook finds vivid expression in American Scientist, the award-winning illustrated magazine, which since 1913 has been dedicated to communicating research developments across disciplinary lines. Beginning with the July–August 2012 issue, we will distribute American Scientist digitally to all active Sigma Xi members via an e-mail notification with links to a browser or PDF version. The digital format is evolving and will continue to improve with advancements in technology as well as input from our members. In time, we plan to use the digital edition of the magazine to build an interactive community with our readers and to share and explore ideas, knowledge and perspectives.

Through Sigma Xi chapters, members enjoy opportunities to network with research colleagues and contribute to programs that impact local communities and institutions. Increasingly, Sigma Xi members are taking advantage of exclusive services and benefits like Sigma Xi SmartBrief, enhanced daily summary of science news, and the E-mail Forwarding option that allows members to request a permanent Sigma Xi e-mail address. And while the Grants-in-Aid of Research Program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, certain funds are restricted for use by individuals who are nominated by Sigma Xi members or who are members themselves. Sigma Xi members are eligible for discounts on subscriptions to Nature and Annual Reviews as well as a 10 percent discount on all Sigma Xi publications and merchandise.

Many members have observed that the most valuable benefits of Sigma Xi are the intangibles, especially support of Sigma Xi programs that address ethics, education, public understanding of science, and the health of the research enterprise. Through annual forums, partnerships, programs and publications, Sigma Xi members and chapters support the Society's mission to "encourage and enhance worldwide appreciation and support of original investigation in science and technology and to foster worldwide a creative and dynamic interaction among science, technology and society."

Some quotes from Sigma Xi members:
"To me the greatest value of Sigma Xi membership is the friendship of fellow scientists, many of whom are in fields other than my own."
      --Virginia Lyons, University of Vermont

"Through the Sigma Xi Forum and Annual Meeting, I have been able to interact with other members throughout my region and to hear talks from some of the foremost scientists in our time."
      -- Penelope Padgett, University of North Carolina

"My chapter's Sigma Xi lecture series provides an oasis where I can escape to be refreshed and to keep abreast of science and scientific issues outside my own area of specialty."
      -- Howard Ceri, University of Calgary

"I believe that Sigma Xi provides the best career development package for the young scientists, and as a mature scientist, I support these efforts through active membership."
      -- Meredith Mason Garcia, Tulane University

"As an engineer in industry, I value the opportunity to team-up with the science community to address common issues like the promotion of science and engineering literacy."
      -- Jean Trinko Mechler, IBM

"As the only society to represent all research scientists and not just those in my field, Sigma Xi has provided me with the opportunity to meet with several Congressmen to discuss my concerns about government funding for research."
      -- Loran Bieber, University of Michigan

"Sigma Xi promotes the idea of honor in science, something we should all promote."
      -- Lynn Lewis, Mary Washington College

"Membership in Sigma Xi provides a way of reaching out to tomorrow's scientists. Chapter activities can forever change the outlook of students in search of meaning and direction."
      -- Ronald Weinberg, Lawrence Livermore National Labs

"I know that we are all asked to join many, many societies, but I feel strongly that Sigma Xi is an important one for the community, for our children, and for science as a whole."
      -- Michael G. Sarr, Mayo Foundation


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