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  1. Q: Why am I billed in February when my membership does not expire until June 30th?
    A: Sigma Xi operates on a Fiscal Year basis, which begins July 1st of every year and ends June 30th of the next year. In order to give our members time to renew and to allow the administrative office time to process payments, billing begins 6 months in advance of the actual due date. Members may call the Sigma Xi administrative office to request only one billing prior to the due date of July 1st.

  2. Q: If I am considered Emeritus by my university or college, does Sigma Xi automatically consider me an Emeritus member?
    A: No. Sigma Xi has different criteria for Emeritus status. A member may change to Emeritus if one of the following two conditions is satisfied: (1) Retired, age 65 or older and dues paid for immediate preceding 10 years, OR (2) Retired and dues paid for immediate preceding 30 years. Either way, the member must be retired.

  3. Q: Can I affiliate with any Sigma Xi chapter I choose, or should I affiliate with my graduating institution?
    A: A member may affiliate with any chapter of his/her choosing. You can change your affiliation by using this online form. Members often find value in affiliating with a chapter in their local area. They can attend meetings and participate in chapter activities.

  4. Q: If I do not know any Sigma Xi members who can nominate me, can I still become a member of the Society?
    A: Yes. While membership in Sigma Xi requires nomination from two full, active members of the Society, a person interested in membership may contact the local chapter officers for assistance in the review process. If a local chapter is not available, you can use the request for nomination form to be considered for membership by the Committee on Qualifications and Membership.

  5. Q: May scholars within disciplines such as economics and nursing be considered for membership in Sigma Xi?
    A: Yes. Sigma Xi includes members from a wide variety of disciplines. Any person meeting the necessary qualifications as laid out by the Sigma Xi constitution and bylaws may be nominated for membership into the Society. If you don't meet the qualifications for membership, you can join our Affiliate Circle.

  6. Q: How long does it take to review a membership nomination?
    A: Each chapter has its own guidelines concerning the review process of new nominations. Nominees are encouraged to contact their local chapter officer as to exact requirements and schedules concerning the review process. After local chapter review, processing nominations or promotions by the administrative office can take 6-8 weeks.

  7. Q: Must I pay chapter local dues?
    A: No, chapter local dues are optional. However those members who are active in their chapters should understand the vitality of the chapter relies on local dues payments from their members. Local dues may be paid through the corporate office or to the local chapter directly.

  8. Q: Can I affiliate with more than one chapter?
    A: No. A member may affiliate with only one chapter of their choosing. However you may participate in the activities of other chapters by contacting the chapter officers.

  9. Q: Why is my title not on all of my mail from Sigma Xi?
    A: The short answer is postal regulations governing 3rd class mailings. Since Sigma Xi is a non-profit organization, we try to engage as many money saving efforts as we can, and using 3rd class mail to send our bulk mailings, such as magazines and renewal notices, is one of these efforts. The Post Office imposes many regulations on 3rd class mailings and in order to obtain the highest savings in postage, we must adhere to these regulations. One of the Postal regulations requires that all extraneous information be omitted from the mailing label. A title is defined as extraneous information because it does not help in getting the mail delivered to the correct address. Therefore we omit the prefix from our 3rd class mailings in order to obtain the highest possible savings in postage.

  10. Q: How can I find my Sigma Xi ID number?
    A: Your Member ID# can be found above your name on all dues notices, it is included in all e-mail correspondence, and it is also printed on the mailing label of your American Scientist magazine. On your magazine label, the Member ID# is included in the row above your name. It is the 9- or 11-digit number found before the first dash. Your Member ID# does not include letters or dashes. You may also call Sigma Xi at 800-243-6534 or 919-549-4691 and a customer service representative will assist you.

  11. Q: Does Sigma Xi provide mailing lists of members to conferences and other meetings?
    A: Sigma Xi does not provide email lists of members to any third-party conference or event planner. If you are approached by a conference, meeting or other event and you are told that you were referred by Sigma Xi, do not provide them with any confidential, private or financial information. There is an ongoing scam targeting potential speakers, as identified and documented by the National Speakers Association (NSA). The scam generally involves the speaker being asked to purchase a “work permit” or otherwise provide credit card, banking information or a social security number in order to get documents or secure travel through the conference planner to the event. Investigate with care any offer to participate in a meeting or conference overseas, particularly in instances where you have not heard of the conference/organization and verified that it is legitimate. As a note, these scams primarily claim to originate countries not where the speaker is living (e.g., frequently London is claimed for US-based speakers). Questions? Please contact Sigma Xi at memberinfo@sigmaxi.org.

  12. Q: How do you pronounce Sigma Xi?
    A: The 14th letter of the Greek alphabet, Xi is pronounced with a "Z" sound—Sigma "Zi"—as in "xylophone."

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Member Services Department
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
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