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With the support and encouragement of the Committee on Diversity, Sigma Xi organizes events that aim to raise the visibility of diversity issues that impact individuals, institutions and society as a whole.

  • 2008 Annual Meeting in Washington D.C.
    Water Policies in West Africa
    The history of water policies in West Africa by US funding agencies must contend with social and political trade-offs. Today many important policies on the environment and gender equality might be considered as strongly as issues of water availability, market-chain economics and social displacement. In addition, these programs are also burdened with the need for non-water investments, such as transportation, communication and power needs. The workshop will examine these issues and draw some conclusions with respect to the two management schemes of USAID and the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Presenter: Jon Cooper

  • Dr. Peggie Hollingsworth and Ms. Kathy McLane visited with the Howard University chapter at the invitation of Dr. Twitty. Dr. Twitty wanted assistance in bringing diversity and meaning to the Howard Chapter.

    The provost and various department heads attended the meeting and were supportive of the chapter. Members from the medical school, biological sciences, engineering and dentistry did attend and agreed to increase their involvement with the chapter. Although Dr. Sidney A. Ribeau, President of Howard University was unable to attend he did speak with Dr. Hollingsworth at a later time and guaranteed his support for the chapter.

    Two local members of the Committee on Diversity have agreed to act as a judge for the chapter research day coming up this spring.

  • 2002 Sigma Xi Forum: Changing the Face of Science

  • 2001 Annual Meeting Workshop


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