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Sigma Xi's Grants-in-Aid of Research Centennial Campaign GIARlogo

In 2022, the Society's GIAR program celebrates its 100th year having supported more than 40,000 students at a crucial time in their careers.

The current GIAR endowment needs to grow to be even more effective in supporting promising young researchers.

To celebrate our GIAR's centenary, and for Sigma Xi to truly represent an investment in the future of science and engineering, we wish to double the endowment to $20M by the year 2022.

Help continue Sigma Xi's proud tradition of supporting young, promising students at the outset of their research careers? By supporting the GIAR Centennial Campaign you will change lives, challenge thinking and encourage innovation.

Click on the button above and designate your gift to Sigma Xi to the Grants-in-Aid of Research Fund. For a gift of $25,000 or more you may create a special Named Fund. If you would like to discuss these or other options, please contact development@sigmaxi.org or 800-243-6534 x210.

I have been sending a regular contribution to the
GIAR program for many years, but I agree with Sigma Xi
that the time has come for something more substantial.

—John Wiesenfeld, GIAR 1971

Besides simply supporting basic science and engineering,
the Grants-in-Aid program forces students to think through a
problem, formulate an hypothesis and a means to test it and then to
communicate these ideas cogently. My one regret is that we cannot
give more support to the proposals we read.

- Mark Martin, GIAR 1981 and 1985
Former member of the GIAR Review Committee

It was the best of learning experiences. But you know, to be a graduate student and to have access to modest grants that might give you a way of realizing your first plans and your first ideas; getting a flavor for those first experiences gives
you a memory that stays with you for life. You build on this and, I think, although the grants are small, having a budget that you can allocate to students at the beginning of their career for them to realize what they're dreaming about is just a wonderful thing.
View "An Interview with Thomas Eisner". to hear about Eisner's and E.O. Wilson's GIAR adventures. (9:05) (9:05)
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—Thomas Eisner, National Medal of Science Winner Cornell University, GIAR 1954, 1958 and 1963


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