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Forming an International Chapter

Steps to Form International Chapter

  1. The group must have a minimum of 18 active (dues-paid) members of Sigma Xi, at least 9 of whom must be full members. Individuals who are not yet members may be nominated and elected to membership through the Society's Committee on Qualifications and Membership.

  2. The group submits a Letter of Intent to form an International Chapter to the Executive Director. In return, the organizers receive explicit instructions on how to establish a chapter in the Society.

  3. The chapter organizers prepare a formal petition to Sigma Xi to establish a chapter. The petition may vary in style but normally includes the following elements:
    • A description of the institution(s) at which the chapter will be hosted, including degree-granting programs in the sciences and engineering and an estimated number of degrees awarded each year to graduates and undergraduates;
    • General research activities of the institution(s), including activities of undergraduates, with perhaps one or two areas highlighted in detail;
    • A three-year plan for obtaining new members and chapter activities;
    • Supporting letters from one or more administrators at each institution; and
    • A sheet with the signatures of the 18 or more active members agreeing to become charter members of the chapter.

  4. The petition is forwarded to the Society's headquarters and then to the International Committee for their recommendation on the petition for chapters outside the United States and Canada.

  5. The recommendation of the International Committee is forwarded along with the petition to the Society's Committee on Qualifications and Membership for their review and recommendation.

  6. The recommendation of the Committee on Qualifications and Membership is forwarded to the Society's Board of Directors for their approval of the new chapter.

  7. If the Board of Directors approves the establishment of the chapter, a suitable installation ceremony is arranged to install the new chapter with a Society representative acting as the installing officer.

For More Information Contact:

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
P. O. Box 13975
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Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA
Telephone: 919-547-5246
Fax: 919-549-0090
E-mail: chapters@sigmaxi.org


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