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International Committee Vision Statement

In 1993, the International Committee approved a Vision Statement to provide a framework of direction for the globalization of the Society. It is hoped that the other standing committees of the Society will provide similar statements for the Society:

"Sigma Xi seeks to build a global society to:

  1. Help coordinate and emphasize the global voice of scientific research and information on all issues that are increasingly of importance to the global community;
  2. Improve our global network of scientists across disciplines, to better facilitate communication and integration of scientific knowledge, to enhance it and also the public knowledge of science so as to improve human welfare and ameliorate human needs on a global scale;
  3. Facilitate greater cooperation and sense of community among scientists globally, and especially to increase our ability to integrate scientists of developing nations more effectively into international scientific endeavors;
  4. Encourage interdisciplinary dialogue by organizing convocations at regional and national levels among the global membership;
  5. Provide encouragement, colleagueship, and support of younger scientists at the international level through attendance at Annual Meetings, and locally through the traditional role of Sigma Xi chapters as centers for scientific dialogue and intellectual stimulation.


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