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How Members Can Help

How Can Sigma Xi Members Help?

Sigma Xi members can help the Packard International Science Networking Initiative in a number of ways:

  1. Become a companion chapter to a group of researchers in a developing country. Companion chapters can assist by nominating researchers in developing countries for membership in Sigma Xi. Chapters can pay the membership dues for researchers in developing countries. Chapters can also share scientific journals with researchers. Sponsoring an exchange of graduate students is another activity companion chapters can undertake.
  2. Identify researchers in developing countries that would be interested in becoming Sigma Xi members and starting a Sigma Xi chapter in their country.
  3. Support the Young and International Scientists Fund. The Fund helps defray the cost of Sigma Xi membership for a limited number of scientists with annual incomes of less than U.S. $15,000.
  4. Meet with researchers and introduce them to Sigma Xi when traveling to a developing country. See Sigma Xi Ambassador Program for information on getting support.
  5. Translate Sigma Xi documents such as Sigma Xi's web site into languages other than English.

For More Information Contact:

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
P. O. Box 13975
3106 East NC Highway 54
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA
Telephone: 919-547-5246
Fax: 919-547-5263
E-mail: executiveoffice@sigmaxi.org


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