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Critical Issues in Science

Sigma Xi is on the forefront of many critical issues in science. Over the past 125 years, we have sponsored and partnered many discussion on topics that are significant to science and society. Below are the topics that we have worked on in the past 5 years.

Science and Human Rights Coalition
Sigma Xi joined the newly formed AAAS's Science and Human Rights Coalition (SHRC). The goal of the coalition is to facilitate communication and partnerships on human rights within and across the scientific community, and between the scientific and human rights communities.
At Sigma Xi's Annual Meeting in 2011, the timely theme was, "The Responsible Researcher: Conscience and Collaboration." The progress of science and public trust in research depend upon ethical research practices. Sigma Xi believes that integrity is vital to all stages of research–from conducting experiments to discussing results with the media.
Food Safety and Security
At Sigma Xi's Annual Meeting in 2010, many news sources had raised public awareness of food safety issues. Food security emerged as the unprecedented challenge of feeding the world's growing population. This complex topic stands at the intersection of many disciplines.
In 2009, Sigma Xi decided to inform and guide government and industry as we worked together to promote affordable, reliable and sustainable energy
Sigma Xi launched its Critical Issues in Science series in 2008 with a year-long focus on the global water crisis.





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