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Honorary Membership

Beginning in 1983, distinguished individuals not otherwise eligible for membership in Sigma Xi, who have served science, or the Society, in a manner or to a degree that merits such recognition, have been elected honorary life members by the Board of Directors. Not more than two honorary members may be elected in any one year.

The deadline for submission of nomination materials is October 1 annually.

Nominations for Honorary Membership should include:

  • A current curriculum vita of no more than ten pages.
  • A letter of nomination that addresses the following:
    1. A brief (~25 word) introductory statement of the nominee's accomplishments that led to the nomination
    2. How the nominee has demonstrated a commitment to science, science education, and/or the research community.
    3. Why is it important to offer the nominee an honorary membership.
    4. What would be the value to the nominee of receiving an honorary membership.
  • One or two additional letters of support of no more than one page each.
Nominations should be submitted to the Committee on Awards at the Society's administrative offices by October 1 annually. Submissions may be made by postal mail or by . The committee meets each November to select the recipient(s) one year in advance of their initiation into the Society.

2014 Michael Stevens, creator of the YouTube channel Vsauce
2014 Derek Muller, creator of the YouTube Channel Veritasium
2012 Dennis Meredith, science author and journalist
2011 David Price, U.S Congressman
2010 Bob McDonald, Quirks and Quarks, CBC Radio
2009 Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, Mythbusters, the Discovery Channel
2008 Natalie Angier, The New York Times
2008 Sherwood "Sherry" Boehlert, former U.S. Congressman
2007 Rosalind Reid, American Scientist
2007 K.C. Cole, University of Southern California
2006 Claudia Dreifus, The New York Times
2006 Richard L. Hill, The Oregonian
2005 Ira Flatow, host of NPR’s Talk of The Nation: Science Friday®
2005 David Quammen, award winning science and nature writer
2004 Dennis Overbye, The New York Times
2004 Robert D. Teer, Jr., Teer Associates
2003 Robert Lee Hotz, Los Angeles Times
2003 Edwin H. Kiester, Jr., freelance science writer
2002 Richard Harris, National Public Radio
2002 Malcolm Browne, The New York Times
2001 Diane Jukofsky, Rainforest Alliance's Conservation Media Center
2000 David Sington, British television science writer and producer
1999 Joann Rodgers, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
1999 Brian Hayes, science writer and editor
1997 Bill Kurtis, award-winning television broadcaster
1997 David Ansley, Consumer Reports
1997 J. Madeleine Nash, Time
1997 Paul Raeburn, BusinessWeek
1997 Sidney Harris, America's foremost science cartoonist
1996 Barbara Culliton, Nature Medicine
1995 Jerry Bishop, The Wall Street Journal
1994 Albert Gore, Jr., Vice President of the United States
1994 Ben Patrusky, Council for Advancement of Science Writing
1993 Deborah Blum, The Sacramento Bee
1991 George E. Brown, Jr., U.S. House of Representatives
1989 David Perlman, The San Francisco Chronicle
1988 Dennis Flanagan, editor, Scientific American
1987 Michelle Press, editor, American Scientist
1987 Cristine Russell, president,Council for the Advancement of Science Writing
1986 William D. Carey, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1986 Stewart L. Udall, U.S. House of Representatives and Secretary of the Interior
1985 Donald Fuqua, U.S. House of Representatives
1985 Floyd M. Riddick, Parliamentarian Emeritus, U.S. Senate
1984 Victor J. Danilov, Museum of Science and Industry
1984 Theodore M. Hesburgh
1983 John I. Ely, Wiggin and Dana Law Offices
1983 Walter S. Sullivan, The New York Times

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